Saturday, December 29, 2012

Style Ideas ! 12/28 - 12/29 !

I decided to start off yesterday with a cute tribal look. You don't need a tribal shirt or something with patterns, you can just use a regular brown shirt. Blue skinny jeans, brown tribal shoes, any pair of feather earrings (add some color!), a beaded bracelet (more color!), & than add a small head piece.

Now I love the color red & spikes! This is a guys look too. Spiked red gold heels, for the guys red spiked shoes, white or blue jeans (Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Macy's, mostly any store), a red striped crop shirt for the ladies (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe) & a regular stripped shirt for the men.

A gray & black skull sweatshirt, light or turquoise skinny jeans (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe), black skull shoes (Converse), & green skull earrings with a green skull bracelet. Great combination. You can find the skull bracelets & skull cross necklaces in Claire's.

$2.79 (was 11.00) Claire's         

$6.00 Claire's 

Black & purple ruffled dress (Hot Topic), purple heels or purple spiked sneakers. Black lace tights, any type of spike bracelet (Spencer's,Hot Topic), knuckle brass navel piercing, pink knuckle brass necklace. Purple spiked earrings & a knuckle brass hand purse.

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