Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Shopping Savings Today ! 12/30

Today I went shopping for a few things that I needed. I first went shopping to New York & Company. They have huge sales, 70%, 60%, 30%, & more! 

First off I got these amazing purple 4 inch heels. They have a bow to sides & its a great color. They originally cost $41.97, but they were 70% OFF. I got them at $17.98

These tights are almost as the same color as the heels. A lighter purple shade. "city tights" size Large, they were originally priced $14.95, 30% OFF, they were than priced at $4.00

This is a cheetah print tank top. I love the material, this is a size M. This was originally priced at $29.95, 70% OFF, Net Price: $8.98

Originally the shopping at New York & Company would have been $86.87. With the SALES I only spent $30.96, now that's saving with style. 

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