Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest Style Ideas That I have Posted ! 12/26

A white lace shirt, peach colored skinny jeans, a gold heart locket, gold heart earrings/peachcolored rose earrings (Claire's will have different types of these accessories), and finish it off with white flats.

I love spider-man! Show your love for spidey! Start off with any spider-man shirt you have or even just a regular red/blue shirt. Red/blue jeans, blue shoes, & a spider-man rubber bracelet.

Batman fan? JUSTICE! Start off with any batman shirt (Hot Topic/Spencer's) you have, black ripped jeans, fake gauges or real ones (You can find Batman Gauges at Spencer's or Hot Topic), yellow Converse, than finish it off with a Batman Seat Belt 

Nirvana Fan? I just recently got the shirt shown above (Macy's), purple jeans, & grey boots. These colors go together and you can show off your love for Nirvana. Not a Nirvana fan? No worries! You can change the shirt for something yellow or grey shirt.

Now for the guys. Hey Skater Boy! This is actually a friend inspired look. Pierce The Veil t shirt, with black skinny jeans, purple checkered sweater, purple checkered belt & Van shoes, & purple beanie. If your the type of the guy that doesn't like purple than change the color to your likening.

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