Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fashion Ideas ! 12/27 !

Decided to start off today with something for the guys. That rock & roll look! This is actually a friend inspired look. Aerosmith fans as well will like this.Not a fan? Just the change the shirt into any other colored shirt or just a regular black shirt. Black leather jacket (Macy's, Hot Topic, Spencer's), black skinny jeans, black combat boots or even just full black onverse, & just finish it off with a belt chain (Hot Topic, Spencer's)

A cute little look for those girly girls. I love this look, its stylish and has a rose design feel to it. Pink lace shirt (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe), a floral skirt (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe), floral flats (Payless Shoes, Forever 21). With the jewelry on the outfit is something light, just add a gold chain or anything pink on it. After that finish it off with pink studded rose earrings.

You can always be stylish for work. Black blazer (Macy's), a white ruffled shirt (Forever 21), black tight mini skirt (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe), black tights (Charlotte Russe, Hot Topic, Spencer's, Forever 21), black heels (add some design to it, the black heel above has a black rose in front of it), finish this look off with some diamonds or something gold. Show that your classy, but can also be sexy at the same time.
NOW THIS IS WHAT IS NEW LATELY! Red last kings hoodie (LastKingsDesigns.Net), cameo tight pants or khaki tight pants, black Jordans or any black shoes you have, a red Diamond's beanie ( & finish it off with a crystal red & black bracelet.

Now for the last look of the day. A blue Last Kings( hoodie, cameo pants, timberlands (, blue Diamond's beanie (, & finish it off with a dark blue & black crystal bracelet OR a light blue & silver crystal bracelet.

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